5 Most Expensive Fabrics in the World for Luxury Clothing

We often wonder about the reasons behind the extensive price of some luxury clothes that cost thousands of dollars. Most expensive cloths do not come with ordinary fabrics. Those cloths require some of the most expensive fabrics in the world produced by renowned fabric manufacturers to gain that extravagant price tag.

There are many fabric types in the world used by clothing industry like Wool, Silk, Fur, Linen and Cotton etc. regularly. But some certain types of those fabrics are made with finest and rarest raw materials in the world which make those fabrics stand out of all ordinary fabrics.

Vicuna Wool

Vicuna Wool is one of the most expensive fabrics in the world made by
Vicuna fur. This fabric may cost up to $3000 for one yard while a regular
type of wool costs $20. The Vicuna is a rare type of sheep found in Peru and
fur can be shorn once in every 3 years. The process of producing this fabric
is also very costly due to its hand looming process. If you want to buy a
jacket made with Vicuna Wool, it may cost you over $30000.


Guanaco is another most expensive fabric after Vicuna Wool that makes
high priced cloths. The guanaco is another member of the camelid (llama)
family found in South America and 2 to 3 pounds fur can only be collected
from an adult. Due to its rare and time consuming process it has become
the second highest raw material for clothing industry. A women long jacket
can be sold for 25000 to 35000 dollars.

Mulberry Silk

Mulberry Silk is the highest quality silk available in the world and also one
of the most expensive fabrics in the world. This silk is 100% natural and only comes with the cocoons of the larvae of Mulberry silkworms which is only feed mulberry leaf. This fine silk is naturally collected from the moth and weaved very carefully. Any cloth or fabric made by mulberry silk needs especial maintenance. Mulberry costs around $100 per yard which makes
them very expensive in compare to other silk fabrics.

Leopard Furs

Fur is considered to be one of the most expensive and elegant fabric in the
world. Historically Fur is the most expensive and oldest material to be used
for better and luxurious clothing. And among all fur fabrics Leopard fur is
considered to be the most expensive among all which may cost $8000 per

Koigu Kersti Cashmere

Koigu’s Kersti is the 5 th most expensive fabrics in the world that is used for
luxury cloth. This a worsted weight hand painted yarn that sets the
standard for independent dyers.  The creative force behind Koigu, started
hand painting yarns in the early 1980s long before artisanal yarns were
fashionable. This fabrics comes with very limited colors and not available
everywhere. 50 grams of Koigu may cost 6-8 dollars and cloths made with
this Cashmere fabric can be very expensive.

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